Alternative Christmas Gifts

alternative christmas gifts

Alternative Christmas Gifts

This post is told from the perspective of Cindy - recipient of a large halibut.

Well, I have to admit that Eric certainly achieved the element of surprise. I’d heard of people giving smoked salmon, or maybe seen it on TV once, and I think I heard halibut mentioned in Monty Python...maybe they even slapped someone with a large wet one....but to actually present someone with one as a gift....that’s a first for me. I was so taken by surprise that I didn’t think to ask if he had a suitable recipe for it, or a list of candidates who were ripe for a good slapping....I suppose I could think up a few names myself. Must be a law against that you know....It’s an offence to hit someone with a large sea fishin public or something like that.

Well the question now is how can I reciprocate and come up with something equally unique?I’ll start off with a card....hmm....something and related to only Eric himself.

I know!...I’ll get someone to draw a cartoon illustrating the day he fell off his BMX in high school and landed on the porcupine. He’s probably avoided thinking about it for years, so now is the perfect time to bring it up again.

About the Cartoonist

Hey there, my name is Rob Middleton. I'm 'THE CARTOONIST.'

Great copywriters craft words that EXPLODE in your prospects imaginations and lead them to the sale. That’s basically what I do except I use cartoons and humour to engage you with an emotive, childlike fascination that will live on long in your memory.

I pride myself on drawing your pets and other animals. Whether they be to gift another or too memorialize a beloved four-legged, or feathered family member a well-drawn cartoon is the perfect personalised gift to give someone in this hyped-up, photoshopped world we live in.  I draw people and other creatures too!
Oh, yeah... one more thing.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.

I am currently for hire so, if you would like to speak to me directly you can email me by clicking 'contact' below.
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