Original Birthday Cards


Original Birthday Cards

To tell you a little more about original birthday cards, the model of one such design, Sleek, is going to tell you about it from his perspective. More details about hand-drawn cards to follow.

'First of all, I want to say that I didn't, obviously, choose the name 'Sleek' for myself. I mean, it's not a bad name, it's simply just not as good as 'Lord Grand Commander of the house and garden', which I feel suits my situation a lot better in my humble opinion.

So how did I end up featuring in a card?

Well, Carol, that's the sister of the human, Shelley, that I live with, thought it would be a nice idea to give her sister a cartoon of me for Christmas. I naturally approved - I mean you can't really get enough cat pictures after all can you?

Carol send a couple of photos to this cartoonist chap, Rob, more about him below, who promptly got back to her with a rough drawing. He even suggested a funny situation based on her idea. After a bit of tidying up, the picture was completed. Carol printed it off, out it in a frame, and presented it with much delight to her sister. Of course I delight her on a daily basis, but now I'm permanently on the wall in the kitchen. Actually, the kitchen is a suitable place to have a reminder of me - wouldn't want anyone forgetting about my meal times and all that.

About the Cartoonist

Hey there, my name is Rob Middleton. I'm 'THE CARTOONIST.'

Great copywriters craft words that EXPLODE in your prospects imaginations and lead them to the sale. That’s basically what I do except I use cartoons and humour to engage you with an emotive, childlike fascination that will live on long in your memory.

I pride myself on drawing your pets and other animals. Whether they be to gift another or too memorialize a beloved four-legged, or feathered family member a well-drawn cartoon is the perfect personalised gift to give someone in this hyped-up, photoshopped world we live in.  I draw people and other creatures too!

Oh, yeah... one more thing.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.

I am currently for hire so, if you would like to speak to me directly you can email me by clicking 'contact' below.

Enjoy the site.