Want to improve your cartooning?

Hey, I’m Rob, I love cartoons and have been cartooning almost my whole life. I particularly love drawing animals and I’m always looking out for new creatures to draw.

Maybe you have scratched your head with some of the following…

  • How to think up your own ideas

  • Getting your characters to look right

  • Errors that keep popping up in your drawings

I know that you want to create your own cartoons, and to work on making them better - I can help you with that.

I’ve created a guide to help you with that.



The free guide will:

  • Help you to think up lots of ideas for cartoons

  • Show you some tricks tricks to help improve your drawing

  • Point out some common mistakes to avoid with your own cartoons

Just add your detail and type ‘yes please!’ And the free cartooning guide will be with you soon.

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