Young Frankenstein Cartoon

young frankenstein cartoon



Recently I've been undertaking the 'Da VInci' cartooning course. I'll write more about this course later.

For one of the weeks, we were given license to draw anything we wanted, and seeing as I had recently watched 'Young Frankenstein' to celebrate Gene Wilder's life, I thought that I'd draw the characters from the film. Each day of the week I drew a differernt character with the intention of putting them together in one scene at the end of the week.

For those of you familiar with the movie, this is based on the 'Sedagive scene'.

I selected one drawing from the various verions of each character I had drawn throughout the week, and then cut and pasted them together. I filled in the body details and then added a bit more cross-hatching. I liked the effect of a wash effect on top of the hatching and felt that it matched the feel of the film.

I tidied up the picture a little bit, but left a lot of the underlying sketch lines. I kept the background very simple to give an impression of the castle, and kept it faint so as not to distract from the characters.

I had a lot of fun doing this, and I have to admit it has been some of the most intense drawing I have done for quite some time.

I haven't forgotten about Elizabeth, and intend to put her in a scene with Igor.

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