Thumbs Down to Crap Stock Images







This is Bill. He’s a character in the strange world of business stock images. A land where everyone is happy in meetings, gaze forwards to the future, or use their laptops in strange locations.

Bill is giving the thumbs up. We don’t know why he’s doing so, but he’s doing it with great enthusiasm regardless.

A lot of folks in business stock images do things that are quite difficult to explain/for no apparent reason.

....and that’s why such images can look quite unnatural...

When was the last time you saw someone actually give the thumbs up in an office, whether in real life or on TV?

Let’s look at some other examples of thumb raising folks.





Neil kept his two thumbs up for way too long, which enabled Doris to take advantage of the situation and get him to help her with her knitting.

Now let’s take a glance at Neil’s colleague, Bob.

[image - thumb puppets]





Bob was so bored at work/posing for inane stock images that he created his own thumb puppets to amuse himself.

He now has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, a book contract, and a TV show deal. He hopes that this result in his manager noticing and offering him a promotion.



Of course for some, ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ reminds them of scenes from gladiator movies.

Movies always make things look pretty glamorous

It was difficult back in the day...





Roman Emperor Rigorus Spankikus once had his graphic designer exiled due to a partuculary lame PR campaign that failed to endear the Emperor to his subjects.

But spare a thought for those who can’t give either a thumbs up or down.









It must be frustrating for weasels...

If they ever want to enter the world of business, not only do they have to develop more intelligence but also evolve opposing thumbs.


Using run-of-the-mill business stock images might seem to be an easier option, but it might result in your readers giving your content the thumbs down or not even bothering to read it in the first place.

Our attention goes to images, and so if it looks as though not much effort and imagination has gone into selecting visuals, why bother actually reading the rest?

How about yourself?

Are you attracted by such images

What would you think of someone using them on a site or article you’re reading?


Probably not much... it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time to find some interesting images.