Do You Gaze Past Stock Images?

(Or Using Monsters in Marketing)




One of the more perplexing and unnatural business stock image genres is that of the person or persons staring off into the future.

Often these folks have semi-mystical look on the face,  no doubt enraptured by future business glories laying ahead. Alternatively, they sport an inane grin, perhaps as as a result of thinking ahead to what they’ll get up to after work.

Such folks can be found either inside the office or outside, sometimes in front of an impressive building or on a street corner.

Don’t they ever get cautioned for loitering?

Let’s look at a couple of examples.




These pair of business bods were so busy gazing off into the future that they were completely obvious to the present moment and thus failed to notice Vognor the Terrible alighting upon the top of their office building.



This chap paused while crossing a bridge to fixate on some vision of tomorrow, Perhaps the river inspired him to stop and ponder what might lie upstream in life.



Unfortunately for him, one of Vognor’s fellow monsters, Krakus the Lamentable, was very much focused on the present moment and what to have for lunch.




These three colleagues are peering so far ahead that they need binoculars...which won’t help them much against Gladys the Flatulent(not all monsters have terrible sounding names) who is creeping up behind them..


It’s not a good idea to spend too much time in the future at the expense of the present moment.


Nor is it a good idea to use cheesy stock images that look as though you haven’t put much thought or effort into them. Your readers will likely gaze on past your content if they see too many lame images.


So it pays to spend a bit more time and attention when choosing images, so that your readers will spend a bit more time and attention on your content.