Surfing by the Surf...



Another one of those aspirational stock images that look a bit odd isthe person using the laptop on the beach.

Here’s a woman perched on a rock working away on her laptop - maybe beavering away setting up a location independent business.


Isn’t she concerned about getting sand in it?


Or the general rule about not letting computers get too close to water...


However, this image doesn’t reveal the full story behind the scene.


Only half an hour later her tranquility was interrupted by a group of hungry pelicans hoping to scrounge some fish....or to get her to place an order with Uber eats...


What else might intrude on her tranquil typing?


Or what might she be missing out on having her eyes clued to the screen while sitting in such a tranquil setting?



Even odder is someone wearing a business suit while working away on the beach.



This chap was either so keen to get down to work that he forgot to roll his trousers up, or so absorbed in his task that he didn’t notice the incoming tide.


Maybe he needs someone or some thing to remind him that it’s not all


 That’s a mere drop on the ocean of odd images, there’s sure to be plenty more come in with the next tide, but not necessarily any that are really relevant to your situation.


So next time you’re selecting an image to use, you might want to pause and think if it’s really suitable or whether it should released and returned to the sea of odd stock images.







One image that popped up while researching this article was that of a business woman, in full office attire, fishing. It kind of made me curious whether she was fishing for anything in particular or had merely popped out during this lunch break for some relaxation.