How to Use Geese in Marketing



There are a billion and one books and articles on marketing.

You’ve probably bought a few may even have read some of the ones that you got.

Marketing this and marketing that.

Getting attention, keeping attention, branding...

What to write, what images to use, when to write etc.

People are forever coming up with new ideas for marketing...

.. But here’s one idea that you may not have considered before - using geese to help get the attention of your audience.

Here are three ways geese can get your message noticed.





 1. Honking.

Geese can be tricky noisy, so how about trying honking rather than hustling for attention.





2. A “friendly peck” to gain attention.

People talk about direct marketing, well it doesn’t get any more direct than that.







 3. Formation flying banner towing

Geese are capable of flying for incredibly long distances, what better way to promote your message to a wider audience than having a banner towed around?




Here’s a bonus one. Some people are interested in the so-called ‘dark arts’ of marketing. While this is not about marketing, you could use this to prevent your competitors from going about their day.

Probably the safest way to use geese I’m marketing is in cartoon form.


So why are cartoons good?


-grab your viewer’s attention. Even the most enthusiastic of people can sometimes zone out during a presentation. A cartoon can help to catch their attention again.

-give your audience a break from the text. Too much text can really zone people out, there is only so much information we can take in in one go.

-can give people a laugh or smile without you having to think of a joke. Not everyone’s a natural story or joke teller, so funny pictures can help take the pressure off you.

-can make your presentation memorable - funny pictures stick in the memory. People may remember the cartoon long after they have forgotten the real point of your presentation.

Okay, so where can you get cartoons from, one than randomly searching the net?

It would be good if there was a convenient and easy way to find cartoons in one place....

Introducing the cartoon subscription service

The Cartoon Subscription Service is a one-stop service providing you with cartoons to use on your site or on social media. There are also plenty of ideas and advice on how you can use cartoons for the greatest effect and impact.

How else can cartoons help you?

-Cartoons grab attention

-Cartoons can deliver a message quickly

-Cartoons help to tell a story, stories can be used to sell your message or service

-A picture is worth a thousand words

-Cartoons are fun!

-Cartoons help to get things read


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