From sketch to completed drawing - The Crested Gibbering Newt

The Crested Gibbering Newt.

This is a new series showing the initial sketch when the idea was formed and then the completed drawing.


Here is the first rough sketch, which I doodled on the train. This is following on from a series “Searching for the Pink-Spotted Mountain Cat”. 




The characters are now in place and I’ve started colouring in. The background has also been outlined. 




After finishing the picture, I got some feedback to improve it further: 

 There water and the sky are very similar colour-wise. You can get away with making the river a lot darker and blue-green to the edges, and being more selective with the reflections on it. Remember that the reflections will be the colour of the objects reflected, so you have some flexibility with whether they are all white or not.



Here is the cartoon with the alterations as per the suggestions.