From sketch to completed drawing

The Northern Boot-Crab


This is the sketch initial idea. Suki is holding up a crab, Lionel is snorkeling, and Reggie is being nipped on either the tail or the nose by a crab. I also had the idea of adding a cat’s paw reaching in to steal a fish. This picture is part of the series “The Search for the Pink-Spotted Mountain Cat”, and so I was originally intending for the cat to appear in some shape and form in every frame. In this case I thought I’d give the cat the day off as the picture was already looking a bit busy.




I’ve now drawn the initial outline. I copied the pose for Suki from a picture of a woman holding a fish, which I then swapped out for a crab.


The boot crab has now been added, along with starting to colour the characters.



The basic colouring is now completed.




I thought the sea needed darkening, I also increased the range of tones on Suki.



The finished cartoon.



I added the elusive Pink-Spotted Mountain Cat in the background. I also experimented with a different font.