Drawing Windy Walkies

I drew a cartoon with a similar idea a couple of years ago, but thought I’d revisit it and redraw it from a different angle and in a different setting. 


1. The initial sketch. 

I used a digital 6B pencil with Procreate to sketch this out. I used to do the initial outline with a digital pen, but I prefer the looser feel of the pencil. 


2.  Colouring the characters.

As I wanted to make this an autumn scene, I thought I would have her outfit compliment the browns and greens of the leaves. 


3. Colouring the background.

Washing in the colours using a digital watercolour brush. 


4. Adding more detail to the background.

I decided that the background was too thin and sparse, so I added the impression of more trees.  


Spot the difference! Actually, I don’t think there is one! Better remove this pic later. 



5. Adding the shading and hatching. 

I used to do either shading or hatching, predominantly shading only. Recently I’ve been experimenting with putting hatching on top of the shading to give an increased sense of depth. 


6. The finished cartoon. 

I tidied the pic up a little and blackened some of the lines. 


I would be happy to draw for you too. Drop me a mail and we can chat. 


Cheers for reading!