Illustrated Booknotes - We’re All Weird - by Seth Godin

I’m a member of a book circle, and every month we read a different book and then talk about it. I put together a series of five or six illustrated booknotes showing key points I gained from the book.

Last month’s book was ‘We’re All Weird’ by Seth Godin.



Last month’s book was ‘We’re All Weird’ by Seth Godin.



You have to make a choice if you want to be weird and stand out...and be yourself. 


Don’t let stuff get in way of making connections with people. 



Laziness leads to average effort, which also means that you never really bother to get to know people and how you can help them. 



It’s more difficult to be weird when you’re always thinking about when the next paycheck is coming from. 



As you become weird it encourages to also become weird. You also start to notice other who are different as well. 



Don’t let apathy leave you behind while the world moves forward around you. 



All the booknotes in one image. 


I can produce illustrated booknotes for you too. Whether you have an article, ebook, or other form of content, I can illustrate the key points for you.

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