Lesser Known Dog Breeds - The Siberian Greyhound


The Siberian Greyhound, or ‘The Flying Furball’, as some owners like to call it, had it's origins when a pair of traditional Greyhounds was gifted to Tsar Nicholas I. After returning to Russia, they soon realised that the dog was poorly equipped to cope with Russian winters.


Wanting too retain the fleet of foot, but also to to produce a dog more able to embrace the cold, a breeding program was started crossing the Greyhound with the Siberian Husky.


Siberian Greyhounds are occasionally entered for regular Greyhound races, and although they equip themselves well, as their thicker coats are less aerodynamically efficient as regular Greyhounds, they usually fail to challenge for top honors.


In 1898, a Siberian Greyhound called Poochski, discovered the first evidence for the Giant Siberian Rabbit, which until then was assumed be be purely legend and not an actual animal.

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