Creating a character

Today we continued to develop the character, working on the body proportions. I'm a bit behind, as I hadn't settled on which face from yesterday. I decided to go back to doodling faces. A few images popped into my mind, including 'Amelie', Jaw's girlfriend from Moonraker (Blanche Ravalec) and 'Magda' from Octopussy (Kristina Wayborn). I thought that Magda was a bit too much of a safe choice and not as interesting as the other two. Amelie kept coming back into my mind, so I decided to continue with her. I might try combining her with Blanche and see what happens.

After that, I did a few body skethes, but nothing really stuck and I didn't really like any of them apart from the first one, and a later short one. I thought it would be interesting to have a slight and short figure to contrast against the lions.