The Lady and the Crocodile - strip no. 2

Yesterday's strip was the first time that I'd tried a polyptych, so I wanted to continue with this style today. I thought that I'd keep it fairly simple, as I'm still getting the hang of creating this style, so I based the background on yesterdays, altering a little and adding a church.

As the new idea also featured the two characters still walking along the riverbank, I copied the pose from yesterday and altered slightly. I also drew two different poses of a new character- an angler.

I then laid the characters on a transparency how I thought they would appear in the final strip.

I then added this transparency to the background. After that I put another transparency on top to lay the text onto.

Next, I drew the speech bubbles and filled them in with white.

Almost there...I erased the surplus lines from the speech bubbles.

Finally, I cut the strip into three panels, and added the borders, strip name, and signature.