How I draw Gerald the Goat

Gerald is a very simple character to create and draw, but I thought i'd still talk through how I produce a strip.

In the previous strip I created another one featuring Gerald trying to deal with his nemesis - the bull.

The idea I had for the follow-up strip was to have Gerald floating over the bull with the assistance of some balloons. It would only be in the third panel where you get to see the balloons, the first consisting of just the bull looking up, and the second with Gerald looking down and with some strings attached to his back.

Gerald doesn't change much. Here is the basic pose of Gerald that I used variants of for most of his drawings.

First, where possible, I copied the characters from previous strips. This is partially to speed the process up, and partially to ensure the consistency of look of the characters from strip to strip.

Next, I laid out the characters in approxiamately the final positions I had envisioned in the completed strip.

After that, I added the panel frames.

Finally, I tidied the strip up, added the names and signature.


That's it!

Would you like me to create you your own strip?

Whether it's for a business, or as a fun gift to give to someone, I can create a unique strip just for you. Drop me a mail and we'll chat further.