My favourite cartoons

This is going to be the start of an occasional series where I talk about cartoons that I particularly like or have inspired me.



I’ve always been a huge fan of Giles, along with a large chunk of the UK population. 


Techinically, I’m not sure if there’s ever been a mainstream newspaper cartoonist who as masterful. 

There are so many different reasons to like his work.

1. The Giles family, featuring of course the matriarch of the family: Grandma. 

2. The attention to detail. You know that when he’s drawing a tree it’s based on an actual tree type. 

3. The gags going on aside from the main idea. It was common for him to cram two or three side gags going. On. 

4. His wonderful mastery of perspective. 

I’m sure that there’s something that I’ve missed.