Death by Powerpoint

Ever been here?

Ever been here?


 “Urrr!” Is anyone going to be awake at the end of this? What on earth was I thinking about when I chose these slides? Even I’m bored looking at them...”

Sue’s presentation wasn’t going that well. She’d put the slides together in a bit of a rush and the images she’d chosen weren’t that fact several of them were terrible. Not only was there one of those cheesy business people smiling inanely, but also in the land of a billion and one cute cat pictures she’d ended up with the world’s most repellent moggy...How did that happen?



Even her dog didn’t like the presentation.

Even her dog didn’t like the presentation.

You may never have had a presentation quite as disastrous as Sue’s, but I’m sure you’ve delivered one or two that you still cringe about even now.

I’m also sure that you’ve sat through some presentations where the slides had been specially chosen for their sheer lameness.

And if you combine that with dull presentation...zzz...

There’s a huge fear of appearing to be crap in front of other people. And part of that comes from a concern bout boring people. People get bored quicker than ever before. At the slightest whiff of boredom, folks reach for their phones, rather than have to sit through a few moments of dullness. And with the pace of life ever-increasing, this is only going to get worse.



...and that’s eight seconds longer than most...

...and that’s eight seconds longer than most...


There’s also the situation of a roomful of bored, restless people, now desperately trying to distract themselves from the rest of your presentation....aargh!....horrible!

So how can you avoid the terrible twin problem of your audience nodding off and you feeling terrible about?

Of course you can work on your presentation skills and writing, but what else can you do?





Answers on a postcard as to what the dance is....

Answers on a postcard as to what the dance is....


You could employ a dancing octopus...or you could use cartoons

You need something interesting and eye-catching.

This is where cartoons come in.

So why are cartoons good?


-grab your viewer’s attention. Even the most enthusiastic of people can sometimes zone out during a presentation. A cartoon can help to catch their attention again.

-give your audience a break from the text. Too much text can really zone people out, there is only so much information we can take in in one go.

-can give people a laugh or smile without you having to think of a joke. Not everyone’s a natural story or joke teller, so funny pictures can help take the pressure off you.

-can make your presentation memorable - funny pictures stick in the memory. People may remember the cartoon long after they have forgotten the real point of your presentation.


Okay, so where can you get cartoons from, one than randomly searching the net?

It would be good if there was a convenient and easy way to find cartoons in one place....

Introducing the cartoon subscription service


The Cartoon Subscription Service is a one-stop service providing you with cartoons to use on your site or on social media. There are also plenty of ideas and advice on how you can use cartoons for the greatest effect and impact.

How else can cartoons help you?

-Cartoons grab attention

-Cartoons can deliver a message quickly

-Cartoons help to tell a story, stories can be used to sell your message or service

-A picture is worth a thousand words

-Cartoons are fun!

-Cartoons help to get things read


Want some more information on how cartoons can help you?

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