The story behind the cartoon - “Mysterious”.


I’m a member of a cartoon forum and every day there’s a theme word that we have to illustrate. The above pic was to show “mysterious”.

I immediately liked the idea of a castle on the background and a night setting. I also liked the idea of a winding road or path leading to the castle. 

For the characters, I initially thought about having a pair of figures in silhouette form, walking towards the castle - one of them fall and in a fall hat, and the other short and squat with strangely-shaped ears. I also toyed with the idea of having a big cat lurking somewhere on the background. I thought some sort of unusual old car might work with some intriguing passengers. 

After playing around with some sketches, I felt that there were too many elements and that they would distract from each other. I decided to have two main characters - the woman and the cheetah, but to only have one of them fully revealed, leaving the viewer to make their mind up what the woman looks like. 

The featured car is a Tatra T600 Tatraplan, a Czech car build from 1948 - 1952.

I was pleased with how this one turned out, it’s definitely one of the more atmospheric pictures I’ve drawn.

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