The Crested Gibbering Newt


Continuing on the search for the elusive Pink-spotted Mountain Cat, noted amateur naturalist Lionel Peabody and his niece, Suki, moved ever-deeper into the wilderness. Joining them, as always, was the ever-loyal Reggie the honey badger.

It was while fording a mountain stream that Suki encountered another rare species - The Crested Gibbering Newt. This particularly perculiar newt is only found in a few remote mountainous habits and is content to dwell an altitude far higher than other amphibians. 

George Hwoop, studied the collection of unusual sounds that the newt emits, and finally concluded after forty years of investigation that he didn’t have the slightest notion what they were carrying on about. He later quit zoology to open a fried lettuce stall in Hamburg.