Drawing ‘a visit by a flock of Blue-breasted Belchards’

In this post I’ll talk through how I created the recent cartoon below. 



Here is the cartoon which appeared in a previous post. The characters featured are Lionel Peabody, noted amateur naturalist, who is accompanied everywhere by his faithful companion Reggie the honey badger. Lionel and Reggie have appeared in several previous cartoons, often in search of rare and unusual species. 

For this cartoon I wanted to add a third character, Lionel’s niece, who has actually appeared in one previous cartoon with the pair. I wanted to experiment with the dynamic of adding a third character with a very different personality to Lionel to the strip. 

The previous cartoon they appeared in was:


Which also introduced the elusive Pink-spotted mountain cat.

For the background for the new pic I was watching around for a background of a winding river or stream, but eventually decided to reuse the background from a previous cartoon:



And here is the background I thought I’d modify to look like a river:



For Suki sitting one the log, I thought thatI would modify a different character used in a previous cartoon. 



This is Italian movie star Luisa Mentolo, with a shoeshine terrier. The full story of the shoeshine terrier can be found here:


Reggie the honey badgers pose was modified from the previous picture featuring the mountain cat. 

I originally thought of having a group of crows up to mischief, but instead decided to come up with a different bird species. The idea being that during their search for the elusive Pink-spotted Mountain Cat, they discover other unusual and bizarre creatures along the way. 

I might modify the cartoon a bit further, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out so far.