In search of the Pink-spotted Mountain Cat


With the coming of the spring thaws, noted naturalist Lionel Peabody, accompanied of course by his faithful companion Reggie the honey badger, set off to record the first photographic evidence of the elusive and extremely rare Pink-spotted Mountain Cat. 

Joining him on this exhibition was his niece Suki, currently studying zoology at university. When  Peabody told Suki that the discovery of a new species would do far more to further her studies and career than attending lectures, she was easily persuaded to join.

The Pink-spotted Mountain Cat is one of the rarest of cat species. It is not sure how rare it is, due to the rarity of finding any evidence for it whatsoever.  Found in remote mountain regions, the cat preys on hares and small deer, but is especially fond of sausages.


Here’s the image I based the cartoon on.