The Red-spotted Dalmatian


The peak of the red-spotted Dalmatians popularity was during the swinging sixties, when the breed was in high demand for photo shoots for fashion magazines.

Parisian designer, Rene Oufcutte, used several of the dogs in the debut of her 1968 autumn collection that took the fashion world by storm. Such was the impact of the dogs that there was even talk of renaming the catwalk, the dog walk.

However in subsequent decades people seemed to get more and more concerned about health and for many it was difficult to shake the association of the dog with the measles, even though it was completely safe to be around. And so it was that interest in the red-spotted Dalmatian slowly but steadily declined.

In the world of fashion the dogs occasionally resurface,  especially when polka dots come back into vogue.

Although no longer near as popular as it was, the red-spotted dalmatian retains a cult-like following among lighthouse keepers, who have a deep appreciation of the aesthetics of this most distinct of breeds.


-This is an extract from the full story about the Red-Spotted Dalmatian, from "Odd Dogs - a collection of lesser-known dog breeds". More on the Red-Spotted Dalmatian and other breeds to follow.


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