Sally Squeegee sets a new dishwashing record


This is an illustration of Sally Squeegees attempt on the long-standing dishwashing reord set by Earl "Big Sponge" Johnston way back in 1974. Johnston's tally of three hundred and fifty nine dishes, thirty two pans, and two hundred assorted pieces of cutlery has resisted several previous attempts. For Squeegee's attempt, Johnston sportingly supplied a teaspoon, bring the cutlery total to two hundred and one, and thus enabling the new record attempt to go ahead.

Sally was assisted by her faithful helper, Floyd the octopus, who kept the sink topped up with washing-up liquid, and passed the dishes to and fro.

Dash the Spaniel also wanted to assist, but had to be retrieved from the sink by Floyd as he was getting in the way.

The attempt was officiated by former Russian champion power-washer Boris Splasski.

Two seconds before the passing of the hour, Sally was able to wash the remaining piece and thus set a new record.