Sally Squeegee cleans Dr. Zars Von Treacle’s laboratory


Once a month Sally Squeegee is employed to clean up the research laboratory of Dr. Zars Von Treacle - the mad scientists’ mad scientist.

Assisted as ever by Floyd the octopus, Sally’s tasks include general de-gunging , dusting the library of arcane texts, and scrubbing out the kraken enclosure. She also helps out when needed to return escaped specimens to their cages. Von Treacle insists on her leaving the dishes alone, despite the fact that they have been accumulating in the sink for the  last twenty two years, as he is hoping to eventually perfect the process of harnessing the power of lightning to remove the grime.

Dr. Zars Von Treacle’s real name is actually Jasper Peabody, and is in fact the twin brother of Lionel Peabody the noted amateur naturalist. After being expelled from Cambridge due to blowing up the science lab, and accidentally setting fire to the chancellor’s car in the process, Jasper decided that he would forge his own path in science, unshackled from the needs and pressures of both academia and big pharma alike.

He decided that he wanted to answer the big questions in life, as well as to blow things up and attempt to animate new creatures.  Feeling that the name Peabody wasn’t quite mad-sciency enough, and also not wanted his brother’s excellent reputation to be associated with such fringe endeavors, Peabody decided to change his name.

The name he chose was that of an obscure 15th century Prussian alchemist, Otto Von Treacle, who had attempted to make gold out of saw dust, pencil sharpenings and other common household clutter.

After dedicating his entire life to this thoroughly unsuccessful endeavor, he retired at the age of seventy to play golf. Known to enjoy playing in the middle of lightning storms, he was eventually struck by a bolt which had the effect of convincing him that he was in fact a Viennese opera singer. Remarkably, he went on to enjoy a third career and garnered ecstatic reviews from music lovers all over Europe.






I tried a slightly grungier version. 


I added some stronger tones and darkened part of the background to help her stand out more.