cartoon process - the headless crow


The headless crow? some B-movie that went straight to video!

I have been interested in the teaching of Douglas Harding for quite some time now. Harding came up with a way of looking at the world from a first person perspective, which became known as 'headlessness', as when you are looking at the world this way, you don't see your own head and thus have a direct experience.

A few years ago I thought I'd try to deepen my understanding of this way of seeing by drawing some cartoons from this perspective. I decided to present the pictures in pairs, the same scene from both a first and third person perspective.

The above is a screen shot of two pictures I drew a while back. The actualy images had been deleted, so I was only able to take the screen shot.


 I needed a picture of a woman on a bench, so I decided to modify this picture.


Here it is again with the dog now removed.


Here is the photo I used as a reference for the crow.

woman on bench crow

The picture is shaping up now, it just needs a little tidying up.

birds eye view woman sitting

Here I'm working on the crow's view of things. I copied and pasted a pic of the 3rd person view of the woman on the bench so that I could get her colours consistent.

1st person perspective

Here is the finished crow's eye view, the crow's first person perspective.

3rd person perspective

And here is the third person view of the scene.

I really enjoy this way of looking at the world, so I intend to do one of these pairs of pictures per week.