The Transylvanian Lab Dog

The peak of the Transylvanian Laboratory Hound’s popularity was during the late 19th and early 20th century, when every self-respecting half-baked scientist had one of the dogs beavering away faithfully/loyally in the lab.

Very good at fetch...fetching all sorts of of things: tools, test tubes, spare limbs etc.


Although friendly by nature, the Lab Dog's odd appearance doesn't always endear itself to fellow dogs or humans.

A hardy breed, able to put up with the strange working hours, often hostile lab conditions and delusions of grandeur of their owners, the dogs were indispensible to an entire generation of boffins.

Few of the breed survived into the 20th century due to new legislation regarding the creation of life and free energy in private laboratories, which lead to many closing down. Others succumbed tooocasional lab explosions.

Happily, some are still to be found today in research labs and start-ups in California.