Great Eccentrics - Sally Squeegee


Sally Squeegee first came to prominence during the elephant cleaner strike of 1996, when she stepped in to help out with the elephants at London Zoo.


A year later she set a new record for quickest ever window cleaning of a ten story building, a leaky bucket looked as though the challenge was thwarted before it had even began. Just when she was contemplating using one of her rubber boots as a make-shift bucket, a passing Pelicanhound was able pressed into service as a water carrier and enabled her to successfully set a new record and maintain dry feet.


Sally is a follower of the Hoffenglooper school of window-cleaning, that actually recommends cleaning windows in the rain whenever weather conditions permit.



As well as setting the above mentioned high-rise window cleaning record, Sally is noticeable for becoming the first person to clean a trans-atlantic liner during the crossing from Southampton to New York.