Lesser Known Dog Breeds - The Pelicanhound


At first glance of the name, you might easily assume that the Pelicanhound was bred to hunt pelicans. The dog, however, gets its name instead from its distinctive muzzle and large skin pouch, that enables it to carry lots of things in its mouth, just like the bird.


Pelicanhounds have a loyal following among anglers, both of the fresh and salt water varieties.


During Sally Squeegee's attempt on the quickest ever window cleaning of a ten story building, a leaky bucket looks as though the challenge was thwarted before it had even began. Just when she was contemplating using one of rubber boots as a make-shift bucket, a passing Pelicanhound was able pressed into service as a water carrier and enabled her to successivly set a new record and maintain dry feet.


A Pelicanhound, Gobble the third, accompanied pioneering female sailor Leonora Goodwind on her trans-Pacific voyage.