How I create the Lesser Known Bird species cartoons

For the last couple of weeks I've been creating a series of 'Lesser Known Bird species' cartoons. So I thought that I'd go throught the process for putting them together step-by-step.

1. The Idea.

I've always found Magpies to be very aesthetically pleased, with their bold black and white. Seeing as Magpies have   a reputation of being attracting to shiny things - and steling them - I thought I'd play around with this idea and bring it more up to date.


2. I got a picture from Pinterest to use as a reference.


3. I copied the picture, simplifying it a little, and making the head of the bird more cartoony.


4. I then positioned the bird as I imagined it in the finished picture.


5. I drew in the woman who has just had her phone snatched, and then filled in the characters. I set the bucketfill at 70% opacity. I usually don't fill in black areas at 100%, as I feel it can be too much.


6. I choose black and set the paintbrush to 20% opacity to use to outline parts of the characters to give the impression of form and depth.


7. I then added lines to give the impression of movement, and added the woman's eyes.


8. Finally, I added the title, caption, signature, border, and email address.


That's it!


Hope you enjoyed it.

About the Cartoonist

Hey there, my name is Rob Middleton. I'm 'THE CARTOONIST.'

I pride myself on drawing your pets and other animals. Whether they be to gift another or too memorialize a beloved four-legged, or feathered family member a well-drawn cartoon is the perfect personalised gift to give someone in this hyped-up, photoshopped world we live in. I can also illustrate your articles, blog posts, or anything else you can think of.

Oh, yeah... one more thing.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.

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