How do I order a cartoon?

Here is the simple process of ordering a cartoon from start to finish.


You might be thinking about ordering a cartoon or illustration for your site, but are wondering about the process that’s involved.

I’ll go through every part of the process step-by-step, so that you have a clear idea what to expect when you order a cartoon.

This is the full process from you finding out about my services, to you getting your completed Cartoon in your inbox.

Let’s get started.

1. You find my site or someone recommends it to you.

2. We chat via Skype, or email if you prefer, and this enables me to to get a clear idea of what you are looking for and how I can help you. If you are not quite sure what you’re looking for - no worries! - I’m good at coming up with ideas and will be happy to make some suggestions.

3. I’ll ask you to fill out a client cartoon brief, this easy to complete form will help me to draw exactly the write cartoon for you.

4. After thinking about all the details, I’ll send you four rough sketches to choose from.


Choose the sketch you like.


 5. I get to work


If the picture is complex, or if it’s a series of pictures, I’ll send you updates of progress.



6. You receive the completed cartoon.




7. At this point I can do two revisions if you require them.

What revision means

By revisions, I mean I will make two small changes to your picture.

What revision doesn’t mean

I will not completely redraw the picture.

But let’s not let it get to that point.

8. After I’ve completed any necessary revisions, then you get the final cartoon





That’s the whole process of ordering a cartoon.


To start talking about ordering your own cartoon, drop me a mail with the form below.

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Freshen up your site


Liven up your site with some cartoons

Maybe you've been thinking you need to do something to brighten up your site. Perhaps you're happy with your writing but somehow the site feels a bit stale. If you’ve put so much time and effort into drafting your words, then it seems a shame for it all to be let down by some lame stock images or even no images at all.

A few cartoons could really help to bring some liveliness back (though perhaps not resorting to the chaos of a spring-cleaning spaniel...)

Whether you are looking for an eye-grabbing image to draw attention to your article or an on-going character to feature on your site, I’d happy to draw one for you. 

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? 

  No problem! - I’m happy to have a chat. Get in touch.

Caption the Cartoon


Can you think of a caption for this cartoon?


Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. That’s a coincidence...I was just googling handbags...
  2. I’d heard of alligators in subway tunnels but never in the trains..
  3. Are you available to eat someone?
  4. Don’t worry, they’re not real crocodile.
  5. Wow! That was quick! I’d only just placed the order on Amazon.
  6. I was waiting for the muse to appear, but I guess you’ll do.
  7. I’m looking for a four-letter word...
  8. I had a poodle once...
  9. Do you do tricks?
  10. Ha!  Nice costume!

Send me a mail with your suggestions. 



Today’s topic word on the cartoon forum was “dusty”.

I got the initial idea for this when watching an episode of “Sherlock”. John (Watson) visits the Diogenes club looking for Sherlock and this gave me the setting of a very stuffy club where nothing much changes. 

Ever thought about giving someone a cartoon as a unique gift? Probably not....but I can draw one for you. Drop me a mail. 



I’m a member of a cartoon forum, and every day there is a different theme word that we have to illustrate. Here is one of the words from last week, “windy”. 

The original idea was to have a lone yachtsman on a really calm day, playing his sousaphone in order to get the boat moving moving. When I started sketching it out I decided to switch to a Viking longboat and brass band, as that seemed a whole lot more fun.

I can draw cartoons for you too, whether it is a unique gift for a friend or a picture to illustrate a blog lpart or article. Drop me a mail.

Gerald at the Seaside again


As part of the cartoon forum I’m a member of, we have a daily topic word that we have to illustrate. 

For this particular one the word was “salty”, so I thought that I feature another cartoon of Gerald visiting the seaside.

The female character is “Suki” who first appeared in various Lionel Peabody cartoons, but now also seems to feature in various fishing cartoons as well.

Do you like the look of the pics you see on this site?

If so, drop me a mail and I can draw for you too.