How To Draw When You Can’t Draw

Do you think that you can’t draw?

You’re not alone.

Lots of people feel that they can’t draw.

And the idea of drawing in front of people and then having them look at your cartoons?

That’s scary.

People have a fear of public speaking, and having to stand up and draw in front of people is very similar to that.

*add note about overcoming fear of public speaking but instead being put off by drawing.

It would be a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights...people looking at you.


But what if your idea about not being able to draw wasn’t all that it seemed...


And what if the idea of drawing in front of others wasn’t so glaringly scary...


Perhaps it might be easier to draw than you can imagine.

And the on-coming traffic can’t actually run you over.

Okay...but what’s with the rabbits?

Let’s stay with the bunnies for a moment.

What is a rabbit in pictorial form?

It might look like...


this... ...or this... ...or this...

Or it could simply look like this:


Both of these are instantly recognisable as rabbits...


...but there’s a world of difference in the artistic ability to draw each one.

And I think that pretty much anyone reading this is able to draw the simple rabbit doodle above.

Fine...but I don’t what to draw basic bunnies...

Good point. I won’t ‘rabbit on’ for too much longer, however, before we move on, let’s return to the images showing the rabbit showing three different emotional states and how they can be simplified.


The point is, that you don’t have to have artistic ability to get an idea across.

You can get an idea across just as effectively using a simple doodle as a detailed drawing - and a lot quicker.

We already have a whole bunch of icons that tells us how certain objects or states should look. Here are a few examples:


And again, I think that anyone reading this can draw any of the above icons/symbols

One point to remember when being concerned about what other people think about your drawing ability, is the simple fact that ask many people think that they can’t draw, nearly everyone in your audience will be in the same shoes as yourself.

So if your audience is composed of many folks who think they can’t draw, then they can hardly object or make fun of one more person who thinks they can’t draw. They will definitely emphasize. You are perhaps more likely to connect with them if you use simple doodles, that they too might be able to do.

That’s easier said than can I start doing it?

Good question, but first of all a very important point:

Don't worry about making mstakes !

It's not an art class at the end of the day, and your audience will soon get used to your pics whatever you may think of them.

As well as being a very useful aid to your writing, presentation, or whatever other purpose you want to use them for, drawing simple pictures can be a lot of fun as well.

So experiment and have a little joy with it.

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