Do People Notice Your Writing?

 -How cartoons can help you to stick in your audience’s memory



 “My brain is going to turn to blancmange if I read any more of this’s just all that a blancmange flavour too?”

Sue was reading a rather long and boring article. Unfortunately, it was an article that Sue had to read and so she was plotting through it, trying to keep herself going with a cup of coffee...and then another one...and then....

Of all the stuff you look at everyday online, how much of it do you remember? Very little I bet.

There’s just so much stuff whizzing by as you search the net: page after page, billions of words zipping on by....

So what do you actually remember? Not much...I bet almost nothing. In fact it would have to be something pretty amazing to stick in your memory.



I don’t know about you, but my short-term memory is a bit like a goldfish with a smartphone, things are soon forgotten and without the device I don’t really remember much of anything.


What about your own content? Is it that more memorable than other people’s or do they also whizz by?


It seems a real shame for you to spend so much time on your writing: pouring over your ideas, scratching your head,  oodles of scribbling, gallons of coffee consumed, all that frustration and fiddling around with your website  for it to go to waste - all for nothing if nobody actually sees it.

So how can you get things to stick in the memory? So how can you make your stuff stick around for longer?

You can increase stickiness.



(With hair like that, Malcolm Gladwell has his own stickiness factor)

(With hair like that, Malcolm Gladwell has his own stickiness factor)

Here is what Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers and also the Tipping Point, had to say about stickiness:

Gladwell defines the Stickiness Factor as the quality that compels people to pay close, sustained attention to a product, concept, or idea.

Stickiness can also mean that it hangs around in the memory, long after it was first seen.

Cartoons can provide stickiness. Just think about how people save pictures and share them around -  they put them on social media  - and even print them off and put them on the fridge or they post them up on the wall at work.


What other form of marketing can end up on someone’s fridge?

What other form of marketing can end up on someone’s fridge?

What if the image could be associated with your message so that people could be in encouraged to help spread your message by spreading the picture?

Does that sound interesting?

So where can you get the cartoons from, without having to endlessly search the net?

You really need to have easy access to a range of cartoons you can use free of copyright worries and not having to figure out the ideal size -  none of the bother - you could just simply go and use.

Introducing the cartoon subscription service.

The Cartoon Subscription Service is a one-stop service providing you with cartoons to use on your site or on social media. There are also plenty of ideas and advice on how you can use cartoons for the greatest effect and impact.

How else can cartoons help you?

-Cartoons grab attention

-Cartoons can deliver a message quickly

-Cartoons help to tell a story, stories can be used to sell your message or service

-A picture is worth a thousand words

-Cartoons are fun!

-Cartoons help to get things read


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