A picture is worth a thousand words



A picture is worth a thousand words - You could spend ages wracking your brains and then write many words  trying to describe the feeling of public speaking or you could have a cartoon of a snowman melting on the stage...

Cartoons can help to draw attention to your writing, after all half the battle is actually getting people to read something in the first place. Many copywriters say to spend as much time as possible on the headline, as unless the initial words grab the viewers attention, then they’re never going to look at the rest of what you have to say. A cartoon can have the same effect.

Cartoons can also complement your writing, helping it to be even stronger than it would be on it’s own. 

Maybe you have an idea already for how you would like your writing to be illustrated, or maybe you like the idea but can’t quite imagine how it would look. Either way I would be happy to talk and see how cartoons could help you. 

Drop me a maik using the form below, and I can get drawing for you too soon.