The GoGo Hares 2018 - Hare Cartooons

While visiting Norwich this summer, I noticed the various hare sculptures that had been put up around the city for the 2018 sculpture trail. The trail was to promote the charity Break, and also to encourage visitors to Norwich, as well as being tremendous fun.

As the sculpture trail has just started, I thought that I would join in the fun by setting myself the challenge of drawing a different hare cartoon for the duration of the sculpture trail. Here are some of my favourites below.




Quite A few word plays appeared. 




There were occasional art-themed cartoons. 




Other characters sometimes appeared, and the tortoise and the hare became a recurring theme. 




The off fox or two popped up as well. 




Some cartoons got a bit out there... 




...while others were just plain silly. 




Sculptures even appeared now and again. 


Drawing the daily hares was a lot of fun and I’m continuing to do them on a twice-weekly basis. 


I draw lots of other cartoons and put out a cartoon newsletter Monday to Friday, enter your name and email address and I’ll send it to you.