Express Cartoon Delivery Service



I can offer a special express delivery rate for simple cartoons

My normal rate for a simple cartoon, featuring one or two characters and no background is $50. Here is a sample.




I can deliver this within 48 hours for $100. I am unable to offer more complex cartoons at the express rate as I don’t want to compromise on quality.

To ensure as smooth a process as possible, please state exactly what you would like me to draw you. Please remember that this express service is only for simple cartoons.

What happens if I don’t get the cartoon on time?

If by some weird event you don’t get the cartoon on time, then you don’t pay for it - and you get a free cartoon of your choice. However, let’s not let it get to that point. I pride myself on good communication with each and every client, and you will be no exception.


How do I get started? 

Drop me a mail using the form below, and let’s chat about what I can draw for you.