Lionel Peabody Characters


Lionel Peabody 

Noted amateur naturalist Lionel Peabody has dedicated his life to the study of the natural world. While his methodology is sometimes unconventional, and his frequent absent-mindness hampers things somewhat, he has discovered many new species and championed the protection of many endangered ones. 

Lionel is pretty much immune to whatever the weather throws at him. This might be partly due to the fact that he is so focused on his studies that he simply ignores whatever the current conditions. He can usually be found wearing his sandals and trusty bobble hat come rain or shine. 

He has remained fiercely independent of academia and big organizations. 


 Reggie the Honey Badger

Rescued as a cub by Lionel, Reggie accompanies Lionel wherever he goes. Like all honey badgers, Reggie is fearless, and is fiercely protective towards Lionel. Reggie regards Lionel as “the Guvnor”, whose heart is in the right place when it comes to animals. 


 Gladys Peabody

Gladys is Lionel’s wife. She runs a natural history bookshop/petshop which helps to support Lionel’s expeditions. The shop should really have been shut down by now due to health and safety issues, however the inspectors daren’t venture inside for fear of being eaten by one of the creatures lurking inside. Gladys sometimes joins Lionel on expedition, but isn’t quite as immune to intemperate weather conditions as her husband.



Sukinis Lionel and Gladys’ niece. She is currently studying marine biology at university and often joins Lionel on expedition during vacation time. She also works part-time at Gladys’ shop.  

She is a keen angler. 


Horrace the Sea Otter

Suki found Horace washed up on the beach when he was a cub and nursed back to health. Seeing as Suki is studying marine biology and thus spends a lot of time either or near the water, he has proved to be a most useful companion. 


 The elusive Pink-Spotted Mountain Cat

The one species that Lionel desires to spot more than any other, the Mountain Cat has so far far lived up to it’s name and remained very elusive.