Sally Squeegee cleans the Queen Gertrude




For the maiden voyage of the Queen Gertrude, cleaner extraordinaire Sally Squeegee was hired to keep the liner in tip-top condition, both inside and out, throughout it's journey from Southampton.

Ably assisted as always by Floyd the octopus, Sally was often found dangling over the side of the ship keeping the still fresh paintwoek gleaming.

During the voyage Oscar the ostrich, pet of eccentric New York socialite Wanda Doolally, heiress to the Doolally pencil sharpener empire, managed to break free of the hold and ran amok throughout the ship. After assisting with Oscar's recapture, Sally was set the task of undoing the ostrichesque anarchy that had been unleashed throughout the desks. She managed to sweep up the last feather just as the Statue of Liberty hoped into view.