Drawing Dorothea Thwing

I recently drew a short series of cartoons entitled ‘Great Tea Drinkers of the World’. Here is the first I the series, ‘Dorothea Thwing’, not forgetting her poodle Maximilian.


1. The initial sketch.

I sketched this out with a digital 6B pencil using Procreate. 




2. Colouring the characters.

As I intend adding a green background, I thought I’d go for a reddish brown for her outfit so that it would compliment the greens that I’ll wash in behind her next. 



3. Colouring the background. 

Building up the tones to show depth and form. 




4. Adding shading and hatching. 

Recently I’ve been experimenting with adding hatching on top of shadow to try to enhance the feeling of form and depth. 



5. The finished cartoon. 

Caption added and a bit of tidying carried out. I also made some of the lines a bit more solid. 

I draw lots of cartoons, some of them rather silly!

I’d be happy to draw for you too, drop me a mail and we can chat.