The Slush Leopard


Everyone has heard of the rare and elusive snow leopard, but almost no one heard of the even rarer and more elusive slush leopard. 

As beautiful as it's more well-known cousin, the slush leopard is smaller in stature while retaining similar markings. 

Completely comfortable in the most frigid and wet of conditions, these leopards can be found in small pockets in remote areas in Eurasia and even in North America. It was previously thought that there were no leopards naturally found in North America, which just goes to so show how secretive these cats really are. Due to human encroachment on their natural habitat they have even been known to enter urban areas relying on their stealthiness to remain unnoticed. 

This particular individual was observed lurking in the large slush puddles that New York becomes notorious for during the winter. Choosing the deepest of puddles that even a person with the tallest of boots dare not risk stepping into, the leopard floats patiently, partially covered by slush and newly fallen snow, waiting.

Finally the patience is rewarded when a passing pedestrian leaps over the puddle, accidentally dislodging from her shopping bag a pastrami on rye sandwich, which is pounced upon moments later.