Revised cartoons

Here are a few recent cartoons that I've returned to to revise.

With this one I made the lion's mane stand on end, put the lionnesses paw ovwer her face, and gave the honey badger an open mouth.

With this Gerald the Goat strip, I added a groundline in all the panels.

This wasn't a revision per se, instead I combined two previous cartoons to produce the above.

I want to draw more honey badgers, as I feel they are very character full.

With this one I removed the cat that featured in it originally, and replaced it with 'Claude'. I'm now thinking whether I'll keep the stripes with Claude, and if so, what pattern I'll settle on.

Here's Claude again in a new one. I fancy developing the theme of 'cat versus mouse'. Yes, I know that it's been done so many times before, but it is a classic theme!

Gerald appears in a single-panel cartoon. I've been featuring him in strips for the past couple of months, so I thought it would be interesting to try a few single panels again. I originally thought of the idea without him, but seeing as he likes to eat....who better to add.

I'm more than happy to dra for you, whether you are looking for something for fun, or to add an illustration to something a little weightier.

Drop me a mail and let's have a chat.

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