Lesser Known Dog Breeds - The B♭ Saxohound


The idea for the B♭ Saxohound was realised by New York jazzman Sal Gooseberry one while in rehearsal one day with his band. He remarked to a band member who had played a string of bum notes ‘Even my dog could have played that!’


The accused band member, Washtap Mallone, challenged Gooseberry on that, and Sal was caught out as his dog Elma couldn’t play the sax, and in fact had no interest whatsoever in Jazz, much preferring classical music, especially Tchaikovsky.


Gooseberry encouraged the dgs at a young age by leaving muscial instruments around the house for them to play with and to become familiar with.


Miles Davis approved, and included a Saxohound on a recording for Blue Note in 1960.

Gooseberry's star dog, Champ 'Leftbone' went onto a solo career and toured extensively throughout Liechenstein in the 1970s.