Gag writing

First, create a background for your character.

Is it a he or a she?

Where does he/she live?

How old?


The more you get inside the head of your character, the easier it will be to think up comic situations to put them in.

And don’t forget to give your character a name!

Let’s start by asking the question, ‘What is it the character likes to do?’


Write down anything that comes to mind.

Well, goats like to eat….anything….they have a bit of a reputation you know!

Okay, so let’s narrow it down to eating.


So let's think of some things they like to eat.





Let’s choose flowers. Should be a few potential situations there.


Okay, now let’s ask the W and H questions:








For example:


Whose flowers are they?

Where are the flowers?

What flowers are they?

Why is the goat eating the flowers?

What time of day is it?

How is the goat eating the flowers?


Note: note all gags are good gags. We’re not aiming to produce the ‘perfect’ gag (whatever that is) the idea is to generate a large number of gag ideas which you can then choose to develop if you want